Octahydro-5H,10H-dipyrrolo[1,2-a:1′,2′-d]pyrazine-5,10-dione (Vildagliptin Dipyrroloidine Impurity)

API Category Vildagliptin Impurity
Appearance Off white solid
CAT Number DCTI-C-278
Cas Number 6708-06-1
IUPAC Name octahydro-5H | 10H-dipyrrolo[1 | 2-a:1' | 2'-d]pyrazine-5 | 10-dione
Molecular Formula C10H14N2O2
Molecular Weight 194.23
Solubility Methanol
Storage Condition 2-8 ⁰C
Synonyms L-Proline anhydride; Octahydropyrocoll; Proline; bimol. cyclic peptide

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