Pharma Standards

Daicel Pharma Standards offers a wide range of high-quality pharmaceutical standards in quantities ranging from milligram to multi gram scale.

Custom Synthesis

We offer Custom synthesis of Impurities, Metabolites and Stable Isotope labelled API Standards. We offer Custom synthesis of Peptide, Peptide Impurities and Stable Isotope Labelled Peptide Standards API’s

Pharma Services

We offer broad range of Separation, Purification and Analytical Services to assist customers in their Regulatory filings

Daicel-Sustainable Value

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Drug impurity standards, Drug metabolites and Stable Isotope Labelled compounds.

We support throughout the Product development cycle by synthesizing and supplying Impurities & Labeled compounds. With our in-house professional expertise, we have developed an extensive catalogue of molecules which includes broad range from small molecules to complex Peptides.

Upcoming Molecules

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