Alfuzosin Labelled Standard

API Category Alfuzosin Labelled Standard
Appearance White solid
CAT Number DCTI-A-152
CAS Number 1006717-31-2
IUPAC Name N-(3-((4-amino-6 | 7-bis(methoxy-d3)quinazolin-2-yl)(methyl)amino)propyl)tetrahydrofuran-2-carboxamide
Molecular Formula C19H21D6N5O4
Molecular Weight 395.49
Solubility Methanol
Storage Condition 2-8 ⁰C
Synonyms Alfoten-D6; SL 77-499-10-D6; SL 77499-610-D6; Urion - D6; Uroxatral-D6; Xatral - D6

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