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Verapamil EP Impurity-M Hydrochloride

  • CAT Number DCTI-C-1418
  • CAS Number 190850-50-1
  • Molecular Formula C42H57N3O6 (Free base) C42H58N3O6Cl (HCl Salt)
  • Molecular Weight 699.93 (Free base) 736.39 (HCl Salt)

Verapamil EP-Impurity A

  • CAT Number DCTI-C-166
  • CAS Number 141991-88-0
  • Molecular Formula C25H38N2O4
  • Molecular Weight 430.59

Verapamil EP-Impurity B

  • CAT Number DCTI-C-167
  • CAS Number 3490-06-0
  • Molecular Formula C11H17NO2
  • Molecular Weight 195.26

Verapamil EP-Impurity C

  • CAT Number DCTI-C-168
  • CAS Number 5/9/3490
  • Molecular Formula C12H19NO2
  • Molecular Weight 209.29

Verapamil EP-Impurity D

  • CAT Number DCTI-C-169
  • CAS Number 36770-74-8 
  • Molecular Formula C14H22ClNO2
  • Molecular Weight 271.79

Verapamil EP-Impurity E

  • CAT Number DCTI-C-249
  • CAS Number 93-03-8
  • Molecular Formula C9H12O3
  • Molecular Weight 168.19

Verapamil EP-Impurity G

  • CAT Number DCTI-C-259
  • CAS Number 120-14-9
  • Molecular Formula C9H10O3
  • Molecular Weight 166.18

Verapamil EP-Impurity K

  • CAT Number DCTI-C-170
  • CAS Number 20850-49-1
  • Molecular Formula C13H17NO2
  • Molecular Weight 219.28

Verapamil Metabolite/ rac D 617

  • CAT Number DCTI-C-596
  • CAS Number 34245-14-2
  • Molecular Formula C17H26N2O2
  • Molecular Weight 290.41
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Frequently Asked Questions

Regulating impurities in Verapamil is crucial to maintain the drug's safety, effectiveness, and quality. They can impact the drug's potency, stability, and how it is absorbed in the body, potentially leading to adverse effects and reduced therapeutic outcomes.


Impurities in Verapamil can form during manufacturing, storage, and transportation. They can originate from starting materials, intermediates, or by-products of chemical reactions.

Impurities found in Verapamil can be classified into several categories, which include process-related contaminants, degradation products, residual solvents, and genotoxic impurities.

The recommendation is to store Verapamil impurities at room temperature, within 2-8 °C.

Note: Products protected by valid patents by a manufacturer are not offered for sale in countries having patent protection. The sale of such products constitutes a patent infringement, and its liability is at the buyer's risk.

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