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Des Venlafaxine Impurity-II

  • CAT Number DCTI-C-330
  • CAS Number 1346600-38-1
  • Molecular Formula C16H23NO
  • Molecular Weight 245.37

Des Venlafaxine related compound B

  • CAS NUMBER 135308-74-6 (free acid)
  • MOLECULAR FORMULA C15H23NO2 (Free Base); C17H24F3NO4 (Salt)
  • MOLECULAR WEIGHT 249.35 (Free Base); 363.38 (Salt)

O-Desmethyl venlafaxine

  • CAT Number DCTI-A-188
  • CAS Number 93413-62-8
  • Molecular Formula C16H25NO2
  • Molecular Weight 263.38

O-Desmethyl venlafaxine N-Oxide

  • CAT Number DCTI-C-329
  • CAS Number 1021933-95-8
  • Molecular Formula C16H25NO3
  • Molecular Weight 279.38

O-Desmethyl venlafaxine-D4

  • CAT Number DCTI-A-141
  • CAS Number NA
  • Molecular Formula C16H21D4NO2
  • Molecular Weight 267.41


  • CAT Number DCTI-A-121
  • CAS Number 93413-69-5(Unlabelled)
  • Molecular Formula C17H23D4NO2
  • Molecular Weight 281.43

General Information

Venlafaxine Impurities and Venlafaxine  

Daicel Pharma is a reputable provider of high-quality Venlafaxine impurity standards. The impurities include Des Venlafaxine Impurity-II, Des Venlafaxine-related compound B, O-Desmethyl Venlafaxine, and O-Desmethyl Venlafaxine N-Oxide. These impurities play a crucial role in thoroughly assessing the quality, stability, and safety of Venlafaxine, the active pharmaceutical ingredient. Daicel Pharma also customizes Venlafaxine impurities to meet the specific requirements of clients. Their global shipping capabilities allow customers worldwide to receive these impurities, conveniently ensuring unmatched convenience and reliability.

Venlafaxine [CAS: 93413-69-5] is a serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor and an antidepressant. It treats major depressive disorder (MDD), generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), social anxiety disorder (SAD), and panic disorder.

Venlafaxine: Use and Commercial Availability  

Venlafaxine treats major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, and panic disorder. It is an antidepressant medication that helps improve mood and reduce symptoms such as excessive worry, nervousness, and panic attacks. Venlafaxine is commonly prescribed to individuals experiencing these conditions to alleviate their symptoms and enhance their overall well-being.

Venlafaxine is available under the brand names Effexor and Effexor XR.

Venlafaxine Structure and Mechanism of ActionVenlafaxine Structure and Mechanism of Action  

The chemical name of Venlafaxine is 1-[2-(Dimethylamino)-1-(4-methoxyphenyl)ethyl]cyclohexanol. Its chemical formula is C17H27NO2, and its molecular weight is approximately 277.4 g/mol.

Venlafaxine inhibits neuronal serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake and affects neurotransmitter activity in the central nervous system.

Venlafaxine Impurities and Synthesis 

Venlafaxine impurities can arise during synthesis1 due to the storage or use of specific raw materials and intermediates in manufacturing. These impurities encompass related compounds, degradation products, and process impurities. Stringent quality control measures and analytical methods are crucial to ensure the purity and safety of Venlafaxine for patient use.

Daicel provides a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for Venlafaxine impurity standards, such as Des Venlafaxine Impurity-II, Des Venlafaxine-related compound B, O-Desmethyl Venlafaxine, and O-Desmethyl Venlafaxine N-Oxide. The CoA includes detailed characterization data such as 1H NMR, 13C NMR, IR, MASS, and HPLC purity2. Additionally, upon delivery, we give 13C-DEPT. Daicel possesses the technology and expertise to synthesize any unknown Venlafaxine impurity or degradation product. We also offer labeled compounds to quantify the efficacy of generic Venlafaxine. For bioanalytical research and BA/BE studies, Daicel supplies O-Desmethyl Venlafaxine-D4 and Venlafaxine-D4, deuterium-labeled standards of Venlafaxine.


Frequently Asked Questions

The challenges faced during Venlafaxine impurity analysis include the sensitivity of analytical methods and the potential variability of impurity levels between batches.

Impurities in Venlafaxine are controlled during manufacturing with process optimization, careful selection of raw materials, and appropriate analytical testing throughout the production process.

Methanol is a common solvent used to analyze Venlafaxine impurities.

The recommendation is to store Venlafaxine impurities at room temperature, within 2-8 °C.

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