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2,4-diamino-6-ethoxy pyrimidine

  • CAT Number DCTI-C-538
  • CAS Number 116436-03-4
  • Molecular Formula C6H10N4O
  • Molecular Weight 154.17


  • CAS NUMBER 1020718-66-4

General Information

Minoxidil Impurities and Minoxidil

Daicel Pharma is a trusted provider of quality Minoxidil impurity standards such as 2,4-diamino-6-ethoxy pyrimidine etc. These impurities are critical in determining Minoxidil’s quality, stability, and biological safety. Additionally, Daicel Pharma can synthesize Minoxidil impurities according to precise customer specifications while guaranteeing worldwide delivery.

Minoxidil [CAS: 38304-91-5] is an antihypertensive agent used for treating severe hypertension and the topical treatment (hair regrowth) of androgenic alopecia in males and females.

Minoxidil: Use and Commercial Availability  Minoxidil: Use and Commercial Availability

Minoxidil is most commonly used to treat androgenetic alopecia, also known as male or female pattern baldness, promoting hair growth. It prevents further hair loss. It increases blood flow to the hair follicles, stimulating hair growth in individuals experiencing hair thinning or baldness.

Minoxidil is available under the brand names Loniten, Men’s Rogaine, Women’s Rogaine, Minodyl, Theroxidil, etc., which contains the active ingredient Minoxidil.

Minoxidil Structure and Mechanism of Action

The chemical name of Minoxidil is 2,4-Diamino-6-(1-piperidinyl)-pyrimidine-3-oxide. Its chemical formula is C9H15N5O, and its molecular weight is approximately 209.25 g/mol.

Minoxidil activates extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) and Akt, stimulating human hair growth.

Minoxidil Impurities and Synthesis

Minoxidil impurities can arise during synthesis1 due to the storage or use of specific raw materials and intermediates in manufacturing. These impurities encompass related compounds, degradation products, and process impurities. Stringent quality control measures and analytical methods are crucial to ensure the purity and safety of Minoxidil for patient use.

Daicel Pharma provides a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for Minoxidil impurity standards, such as 2,4-diamino-6-ethoxy pyrimidine. The CoA includes detailed characterization data such as 1H NMR, 13C NMR, IR, MASS, and HPLC purity2. Additionally, upon delivery, a complete 13C-DEPT is also provided. Daicel possesses the technology and expertise to synthesize any unknown Minoxidil impurity or degradation product. We offer Minoxidil-D10, a deuterium-labeled compound of Minoxidil, essential in BA/BE studies.


Frequently Asked Questions

The rapid, reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) method helps detect and analyze Minoxidil impurities.

Minoxidil is stored in a cool, dry place and protected from light and moisture to prevent the formation of impurities.

Methanol is one of the solvents used to analyze many Minoxidil impurities.

Minoxidil impurities are stored at a controlled room temperature between 2-8 °C or as indicated on the Certificate of Analysis (CoA).

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