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1-([2,4′-bibenzo[b]thiophen]-4-yl)piperazine hydrochloride

  • MOLECULAR FORMULA Free Base:C20H18N2S2; HCl Salt: C20H19ClN2S2
  • MOLECULAR WEIGHT Free Base:350.50; HCl Salt: 386.96

1-(benzofuran-4-yl)piperazine hydrochloride

  • CAT Number DCTI-C-1391
  • CAS Number 105684-85-3
  • Molecular Formula C12H15ClN2O (HCl Salt) C12H14N2O (Free base)
  • Molecular Weight 238.72 (Salt) 202.26 (Free base)


  • CAS NUMBER 2250242-22-7


  • CAT Number DCTI-C-974
  • CAS Number 2138169-93-2
  • Molecular Formula C41H47N5O2S2
  • Molecular Weight 705.98


  • CAT Number DCTI-C-1694
  • CAS Number 31570-97-5
  • Molecular Formula C9H7NO2
  • Molecular Weight 161.16


  • CAT Number DCTI-C-1392
  • CAS Number NA
  • Molecular Formula C26H27Cl2N3O2S
  • Molecular Weight 516.48


  • CAT Number DCTI-C-1393
  • CAS Number NA
  • Molecular Formula C26H28ClN3O2S
  • Molecular Weight 482.04


  • CAT Number DCTI-C-809
  • CAS Number 2116542-21-1
  • Molecular Formula C38H40N4O4S
  • Molecular Weight 648.82


  • CAT Number DCTI-C-810
  • CAS Number 2094559-58-5 (Free Base)
  • Molecular Formula C38H40N4O4S
  • Molecular Weight 648.82
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General Information

Brexpiprazole Impurities and Brexpiprazole 

Daicel Pharma synthesizes Brexpiprazole impurities of exceptional quality, such as 5-hydroxyquinolin-2(1H)-one, Brexpiprazole 3,4-dihydro Impurity, Brexpiprazole 5-1H-Quinolin-2-one, etc. These impurities are crucial to assess the purity, reliability, and safety of Brexpiprazole, an active pharmaceutical ingredient. Besides, Daicel Pharma provides a custom synthesis of Brexpiprazole impurities to meet clients’ demands for delivery worldwide.

Brexpiprazole [CAS: 913611-97-9] is an antipsychotic medication for treating schizophrenia and major depressive disorders. It is similar in structure to Aripiprazole.

Brexpiprazole: Use and Commercial Availability  

Brexpiprazole is available under the brand name Rexulti® for treating schizophrenia. It treats major depressive disorder (MDD) and is atypical antipsychotic.

Brexpiprazole Structure and Mechanism of Action Brexpiprazole Structure and Mechanism of Action

The chemical name of Brexpiprazole is 7-[4-(4-Benzo[b]thien-4-yl-1-piperazinyl)butoxy]-2(1H)-quinolinone. Its chemical formula is C25H27N3O2S, and its molecular weight is approximately 433.6 g/mol.

The mechanism of action of Brexpiprazole is unknown for treating schizophrenia.

Brexpiprazole Impurities and Synthesis

Brexpiprazole impurities are organic and inorganic impurities. Organic impurities include starting materials, reagents, intermediates, degradation products, and mutagenic and genotoxic impurities. Inorganic impurities include heavy metals and residual solvents. They can form during the synthesis1, storage, or transportation of Brexpiprazole. It is essential to control and monitor the levels of impurities through various methods, such as quality control testing, stability studies, and proper storage and handling of the drug substance and finished product to ensure the safety and efficacy of Brexpiprazole.

Daicel Pharma offers a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for Brexpiprazole impurity standards, such as 5-hydroxyquinolin-2(1H)-one, Brexpiprazole 3,4-dihydro Impurity, Brexpiprazole 5-1H-Quinolin-2-one, etc., generated from an analytical facility compliant with cGMP standards. The CoA includes a comprehensive characterization report comprising data from techniques like 1H NMR, 13C NMR, IR, MASS, and HPLC purity. Furthermore, on request, we can provide additional data like 13C-DEPT and CHN. Daicel Pharma can prepare unknown Brexpiprazole impurities or degradation products and labeled compounds to assess the effectiveness of generic Brexpiprazole. We also offer Brexpiprazole-D8, a deuterium-labeled Brexpiprazole standard useful in bio-analytical research, such as BA/BE studies. A complete characterization report accompanies every delivery.


Frequently Asked Questions

The methods for controlling Brexpiprazole impurities include optimizing the synthetic process, using high-quality raw materials, employing effective purification methods, and implementing analytical methods to detect and quantify impurities.

The presence of impurities in Brexpiprazole can reduce its shelf life and stability, leading to a shorter expiration date.

Impurities in Brexpiprazole are typically detected using analytical techniques such as high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) or liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS).

Brexpiprazole impurities are stored at a controlled room temperature between 2-8 °C or as indicated on the Certificate of Analysis (CoA).

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