Alcaftadine - Isotope Labelled Standards

Alcaftadine 3-Carboxylic Acid D3

  • CAT Number DCTI-A-257
  • CAS Number NA
  • Molecular Formula C19H18D3N3O2 (Free Base) C19H17D3N3NaO2 (Salt)
  • Molecular Weight 326.41 (Free Base) 348.39 (Salt)


  • CAT Number DCTI-A-258
  • CAS Number 1794775-80-6
  • Molecular Formula C19H18D3N3O
  • Molecular Weight 310.42

Frequently Asked Questions

Impurities in Alcaftadine can impact the drug's stability and shelf life, potentially reducing its effectiveness over time. Therefore, controlling impurity levels is critical to ensure the drug's quality and shelf life.

Manufacturers determine the acceptable levels of impurities in Alcaftadine based on regulatory guidelines and scientific data. They must demonstrate that thery do not exceed safe limits and the drug remains safe and effective.

Impurities in Alcaftadine can change over time or in different storage conditions. For example, they may degrade or form new impurities under exposure to light, heat, moisture, or other factors. Therefore, manufacturers must test and monitor the drug under different storage conditions and use appropriate packaging and labeling to prevent degradation.

Alcaftadine impurities are stored at a controlled room temperature between 2-8 °C or as indicated on the Certificate of Analysis (CoA).

Note: Products protected by valid patents by a manufacturer are not offered for sale in countries having patent protection. The sale of such products constitutes a patent infringement, and its liability is at the buyer's risk.

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